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Operation Helping Hounds, a volunteer-based nonprofit, focuses on the plight of hound dogs used for hunting, bred in puppy mills, or available in mass quantities without adoption interest, in certain US states. These dogs are typically young and friendly. They have a high probability of being abused, abandoned by owners, and quickly put to sleep in large numbers when relinquished to Animal Control facilities.


Locations rampant with these breeds are Southern States, MidWest, East Coast (KY, WV, Carolinas down to Florida). These hunting dogs, more often than not, are treated inhumanely by hunters, and sometimes shot in the head, or left in the woods to die when hunting season is over. The "lucky" ones are relinquished in large numbers to high kill mainly rural shelters, where their days are numbered. Due to an abundance of these breeds, most never get out alive.

At Risk Hound Dogs, include the following breeds and variations; Beagles, Bassetts, Coonhounds, Tree Walker, BloodHounds, Blue/Red Tick, RedBone dogs, Dachshunds

Hound Welfare is our concern.

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