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Donate to the Relocation 

Due to the increase in cost of transport, some of the receiving rescues if they are expected to pay for the transport , they cannot also pay for the vetting.

· We could save so many more dogs, if the vetting from the sending parties could be covered, and/or the cost of the transport of the dogs could be subsidized

· There are too many of this breed needing to be extracted, we always have a wait list.

· We have 3 active rescues that take the dogs pending costs and availability, one in Vegas, one in So.California and one in Seattle

· We have a team now of people in multiple states that we work with, mainly shelters that we extract dogs from, and they come directly from the shelter to us, its approx. a 2 day trip, with multiple pickups, sometimes in multiple states.


Donations are tax deductible and we can use the money to help subsidize the relocation of these dogs. Therefore we can save more dogs.


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