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Our Partners

Hound breeds are not as plentiful on the West Coast and the demand for them there is high. Operation Helping Hounds is dedicated to working with rescue organizations and shelters in  high risk areas and providing transport for hound breeds from high kill states to the West Coast.      

OHH does not itself handle adoptions, but once the hounds make it to the west via transporters, they will be safe until our partner organizations find them their forever homes.

Breeds currently considered: Beagle, Bassett, Dachshund, Coon Hound, Tree Walker Hound, Red Tick, Blue Tick, Red Bone  

Make a Difference: Sign Up to be a Partner Today!
Rescue works best when there is cooperation, so we are always on the
lookout for partners who want to join our mission to save vulnerable hounds. Ideally, you:

+ Must be a 501c3​

+ Are willing to have an onsite visit

+ Will provide us with your adoption process, applications, references, and other supplemental background investigation which may be needed

+ Are on board with providing us updates on the dogs when they arrive at your rescue, upon adoption & will send us happy ever after pics (because, really, isn't this what rescue is all about?!)

+ Are flexible and have a sense of humor

+ Want to be part of a PAWESOME TEAM!

Current Sending Partners

+ Alabama

+ Arizona

+ Kentucky

+ Mississippi

+ New Mexico

+ North Carolina

+ Oklahoma

+ South Carolina

Current Transport Partners

+ Volunteers

+ Professional Transportation Services


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