Our Mission

To coordinate and provide logistics pertaining to the relocation of homeless, neglected, and abused at risk Hound Dogs, in high kill shelters to established partner rescue groups, located where the breed is not as prevalent, and a healthy public adoption base/interest exists

We help relocate hounds to give the dogs a chance to live and the dog loving public an alternate choice when adopting.

Once brought to the West Coast, our hounds are relocated to our partner rescues, where they are cared for until adoption, at which point we no longer have possession of them.

Dedicated to Saving Lives: Our June 26th Oklahoma Hound Haul saved 51 hounds who are currently waiting for their Forever Homes at our partner rescues! We are currently facilitating an additional Hound Haul out of Kentucky. For most update information on our Hound Hauls plase visit our Facebook and Instagram!

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This program has been in existence since May 2016, initially in memory of a rescued KY hound dog Emily when she passed at an old age. She came as a puppy from the Mayfield Shelter in Ky, to San Diego. Two years later, we are now helping that same shelter with their hounds.

Once we moved the first Shelter dog from TN, to a partner rescue in San Diego, we saw how bad things were for the hounds back east and made an attempt to move another, and another… soon it was 10 at a time, then (with our rescue partner Priceless Pets), we helped relocate 37 in one go, right after hunting season ended. Then it became a transport of 10 to 20+ on an almost every month rotation to that same partner rescue in Chino Hills.

We originally called ourselves east2west coast hound transfer and were a DBA under a 501c3 that was not rescue related, but they liked our concept.


We realized over time that we were unable to fund-raise on facebook, apply for certain grants, financial or product as we needed an EIN number to match the name of our nonprofit, which it didn’t as a DBA.

Relocated Hounds

Kentucky Relocated Dogs

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Any amount is meaningful to us and will go directly toward saving hounds.  Please check out Five Dollar Friday!

Raising Funds for OHH 

Current fundraising is focused on the immediate need for more transportation, as well as our next Hound Haul! While we have incredible volunteers willing to transport hounds in need, we are in dire need of:

+ a truck capable of hauling a trailer

+ a second trailer to go on concurrent hauls

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For July, we have partnered with White Flags Apparel Co. who is graciously donating 10% of their net profits, as well as 100% ofprofits from their Rescue Tees, for the month of July, to us!

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We are currently asking for donations for our JUNE/JULY Hound Hauls out of Oklahoma and Kentucky! We appreciate any contributions you may be able to give. These hounds depend on us and are desperately waiting to for a chance at a new life. 

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Oklahoma Relocated Dogs

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Mississippi Relocated Dogs

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South Carolina Relocated Dogs

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North Carolina Relocated Dogs

Arizona Relocated Dogs

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Alabama Relocated Dogs

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New Mexico Relocated Dogs

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​Relocation Costs
Hound Hauls are so much more than just transportation! Each dog comes from unique circumstances and we, and our rescues, are committed to ensuring we provide the best care possible.
Pre-Transport Vetting
+ Rabies Vaccine
+ Health Certificate
$70 per dog, depending on vet used (incl. special rescue rate)
+ $200 per dog
Receiving Rescues 
+ Spay/Neuter
+ Heartworm testing, prevention & Treatment (if POS)
+ DHPP/Bordatella
+ Deworming
+ Special Food for Malnourished Dogs
+ Continuing Treatment & Medication for Tick Diseases
+ Ongoing Upkeep of Vaccines, Flea & Tick Prevention
+ Microchipping
+ Food, Boarding, Collars & Leashes and Bowls
+ Various Medical Care as Needed (Dental, Cancer Treatment, Surgery)